Roasted Coffee bean blend, 1000g / 35,2oz

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Brasil Santos SuperFino Sandalj:
Fine underlying chocolaty notes expressed through a particularly delicate aromatic fullness. The blend of three Brasilian arabicas have its typical caramel, cocoa and toasted bread taste, recognizable even when blended with other coffee.

Guatemala Antigua Pastores
Extremly fine acidity and intense body accompany a fruity and exotic flower aroma characterized by a subtle chocolate note.

Ethiopia Djimma GR2
It has a sublime jasmine liqueur and citrus fruits aroma combined with a delicate body.

India Plantation washed
Very fine full body Arabica with strong dark chocolate notes.

Colombia Supremo
Typical Colombia Arabica is marked with sweet and pleasantly acid notes, a bold and intense aroma co-exists in this coffee`s fragrant body characterized by notes of citrus and dried fruits.

India Cherry AAA Clean
Full-bodied coffee with a right touch of bitterness and delightfully spicy aroma.

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